Sherian McCoy, CCI, D.PSc. and Certified Natural Healthcare Provider 

sherian-mccoySherian is a Natural Healthcare provider and a Raindrop Instructor for the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education. Her passion is to educate others so they may become their own health advocate. Believing fully that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made and that the body can repair itself if given enough time and nutrients, Sherian works with clients to help their body function well. Clients have seen improvement in their gut health, hormones, body discomfort and overall health working alongside Sherian as their help and coach.

Sherian McCoy is a married mother of two adult children, a high school Social Studies teacher, homeschool advocate and natural healing and nutrition educator.  A few years ago she  experienced a lengthy chronic illness that  required multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, and medications. This bump in life led to an amazing and unexpected journey.

She began seeking a different route for wellness. The process has been swift in some areas and slow in others but all the changes have brought about a healthier lifestyle for the whole family that  continues daily.  Her desire is to make that path we call “Life” better for others. After a lengthy chronic illness, she sought other ways to help regain her health, through that research was led to natural health. Her desire to read and learn more led to a journey of helping others through natural healing methods.

Sherian’s biggest successes in life have been her children and her marriage to Steve. They are close to celebrating 30 years of marriage and work together in  educating and supporting others in life’s lessons.  While Sherian actively works with clients, Steve supports her never ending ideas and works behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

From homeschooling parents, working in the corporate world, entrepreneurs and natural health care, Sherian and Steve both bring much wisdom to the table in many aspects of life.

The mission behind  this business is to encourage, empower, and educate  others to take responsibility for their own life and health.  As they counsel clients, speak at events or lead small groups the hope is to find the best method  for each person so they may achieve their personal health and wellness goals.