Dreams are beautiful things most of the time. When I was a little girl I dreamed of living in a beautiful world filled with love and peace. Everything would be perfect. People would speak to each other pleasantly, encourage, love and honor each other. I didn’t dream of fancy clothes, big houses or big cars. No, Just simple love and peace.

As strange as that may seem the reason was simple, I wasn’t living in that as a child. My mother was an amazing, loving, caring woman who grew up with a controlling daddy and then married a man that was the same. I believe it was that whole “cycle of abuse” kind of thing. My dad was a passionate, vivacious, intelligent man with the world at his fingertips.

He was most definitely a dreamer!

The Lord spoke to him and he answered.

He and my mother worked in a church during their young married life; B.K. (Before kids) and built the young married class up with great fervor and strength. Then it happened. An “incident” in that church angered my dad. I won’t bore you with the details because they don’t matter. That’s often how it ends up in these situations, by the way. The person doesn’t even REMEMBER what caused the animosity, grudge or hatred in the first place. Unfortunately, my dad allowed that anger to fester and let bitterness get the best of him.

This changed our family destination and dynamic.

As the years progressed he became controlling, hateful and abusive. There was little peace found in our home. Yet, my mother, holding on to her vows and faith stayed with him, loving him and praying for his soul and those of her children. My, what a powerful woman she was!!  I have many memories of seeing my mother praying daily, reading the Word in her chair in the early morning while sipping her coffee and eating her one cookie she allowed herself. She set the example in word and deed for all of us to follow; she touched many lives and not just those of her own children. Her words of advice ring true even today as I hear stories of young parents learning to empower their own children to become honoring, respectful, obedient and dynamic individuals…and some just to survive the journey. Those wisdoms, words and blessings certainly inspired me as a mother.

Now, as a mother to young adults, an entrepreneur, a teacher, wife and one who so desperately wants to encourage and empower others…

I still find myself thinking, “what would momma say or do”?

Over the last few years my body has not cooperated in the way I would have liked it to cooperate. I have faced extreme health challenges with my heart, my respiratory system, my digestive system and now my feet. (I recently broke BOTH feet within a day of each other)

It would be so very easy to quit, to give in and to give up! SO EASY!

It would be easy to lie in front of the TV every day and watch the world go by –  but I can’t. I can’t because my momma never stopped fighting for a better life for us. I can’t because my children though young adults, are watching me. I can’t because God has allowed (not caused) this in my life and he has a PURPOSE for this life of mine. Did you read that right? Yes, HE HAS A PURPOSE! 

He didn’t save my soul so I wouldn’t tell anyone! He didn’t save my life when I was chronically ill to have me waste away on the couch!

What’s the purpose in that?!

I believe, with everything I am, that my life was saved to encourage, empower and educate others for a healthier life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

In the last 27 years I have overcome 10 miscarriages, 30+ surgeries (some major – some minor), major injuries, heart break, the death of both parents and both parents-in-law, children leaving the nest, being fired from a job I loved, legal issues, financial distress and probably a few other things I conveniently forgot. But, I’ve also had the incredible blessings of birthing two amazing human beings and being a significant part of who they’ve grown to be, “mothered” countless other children in classrooms and in our home, experienced physical healing, experienced regeneration and growth physically and spiritually, happiness so full in my heart that I thought I couldn’t contain it, witnessing the passing of a life into an eternal resting place with her Savior, homeschooling my children – and others,  witnessing one of “my kids” give birth to an incredible little boy, finding the strength to start over, begin again, forgive and have hope.

This life is a journey!

I certainly haven’t “arrived” but I’m learning. If just one person experiences a difference in their life because of my life, my choices and my voice then it’s worth it. But if I keep to myself, keep quiet and only experience this journey for me – what’s it worth?  So, as I go forth, as scary as it is to me, I’m going to share my “story” with you. I’m not going to tell every little detail – although sometimes you may think I am – I assure you – I’m NOT!  But, I am going to share. Why?  Because there’s this nagging in my heart that SOMEONE is looking for something I HAVE.  It may only be ONE PERSON in this huge world. If that’s it – that’s fine! I have no issue with that. But, I have a feeling there’s a few more out there.

I’m going to be open about the brokenness, the loneliness, the difficulties and the pain that I’ve experienced. Somewhere there’s a momma wondering if she REALLY needs to homeschool…again, or the person who is homeschooling and needs some ideas on how someone else did it. Maybe it’s not about that. Maybe it’s that you have these dreams of a certain life and no matter what you do, say or how much you pray – it just is NOT happening. Or, perhaps it’s a person battling an illness, injury or difficulty and they feel as though no one understands what they are REALLY going through. They don’t understand how you wake up with pain and go to sleep with it but still TRY to smile when someone does something nice. I don’t know WHO might read, listen or “follow” what I have to offer. But I will share for that ONE person – YOU.

I’ll be sharing my most current challenges. Some days it may be my feet and the recovery from multiple surgeries after breaking them both at the same time or my business or people or just a crummy day!  I’ll do this here and you’re welcome to follow me on social media.   It won’t be just about me and my challenges. It will be ideas about mothering, homeschooling, enjoying life, the journey to get healthy and of course….essential oils – because that’s MY journey!

This is a personal story.

It’s not about building my business.

I won’t turn anyone away but I’m going to be real, honest and transparent. I hope that will help you. It’s part of a vision I feel the Lord gave me.

For several weeks now the subject of “VISION” has crossed my path. It’s been in several bible studies I’ve read, sermons I’ve heard, speakers I’ve listened to for business and even in a class that I’m teaching at school. No doubt a message the Lord wants me to hear loud and clear. So I get it!

Okay, Lord? I GET IT!!

I’m teaching it. Thinking on it……and the message is still coming!!!

This morning I finally realized it’s because my prayer has been for the last 5 – 6 weeks that I would understand the MEANING or REASON why God allowed two foot fractures at the same time in such a busy time of my life.

You see, I still don’t understand the purpose.

But, I do finally understand the vision I was given (Encouraging and teaching others) is what I should be focusing on.

I should be focusing on the vision giver, continue with the plan and he will work out the details. The vision is to give us hope and a future.

Bless the vision giver for without him there’s no vision and without a vision the people perish. #lessonlearned #helovesme


I hope you’ll walk with me on this journey. Be encouraged!

Dreams and Visions

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