Now that Christmas is over folks will be running around returning gifts, cleaning out and giving to charities at the last minutes and thinking about the coming year.

We’ll be doing a little bit of that ourselves and moving into our new offices. We are so thrilled to be announce the opening of our new office in Old Town Burleson. It is in the offices of Turning Point Wellness Center and we will be sharing a space with a chiropractor, midwife and massage therapists. This will be a great blend of wellness for the community.

Our wellness workshops will continue in the upcoming year and we will have them at our office as well as the Burleson Public Library and SR. Center. Oh, the plans we have for the coming year!!

Won’t you come see us? There are so many services we can provide for you and many more to come! Health Consultations, detoxification services, foot baths and reflexology, stress and pain management as well as support for the lymphatic system. Threre are some great things available to support your systems and help you to be healthier in 2017!

Here’s our new address:


As you think about the coming year consider letting us partner with you for overall wellness, weight loss, food allergy relief and/or diabetic balance. SELAH has a system call Transformation 360. It truly helps you to make a complete transformation.

There are going to be MANY diets that are tempting you to join. Some will be shakes, some will be pills, and so forth. T360 promises you:

  • Eat Real Food NOT Meal Replacements, Shakes & Bars
  • Feel GREAT with NO Hunger & NO Cravings
  • Have GREAT Energy, Sleep & Mental State
  • Lose INCHES as You Lose FAT Not Muscle Mass
  • Learn Correct Food Habits to Avoid Unhealthy Ones
  • Correct Functional Imbalances to Maintain Success

This program will help you to lose abdominal fat, learn correct food habits, lose fat NOT muscle mass, correct unhealthy imbalances and feel GREAT  by finally ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS.

As you work on your goals you will have someone to walk the journey with you, encouraging you, and helping you. Weekly connections to see where you are on your goals will ensure continuity of care as well as victorious goals.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s do this! Let’s make 2017 the one to remember!!!



If you’re ready, drop us an email and let’s get started together!

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